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If you believe KickBoxing is just a hardcore fighting sport, you are wrong. PUMA KickBoxing is a fantastic Martial Art suitable for all different age groups, mixed abilities and all types of students; male, female, young, old, fit or "should be fitter". The main focus of kickboxing is not on fighting, instead, it is about improving your confidence, fitness, flexibility, strength, stamina and self-discipline.

Kickboxing is also the perfect family activity – bringing you closer together through a shared activity where you can help improve each other's strengths and weaknesses.


Stress relief

KickBoxing is an excellent stress reliever; hitting some pads and kicking some kickshields is a brilliant way of releasing that built up stress after a hard days work. The classes also help to teach you how to defend yourself and how to avoid confrontation.


Life skills

Participating in a Martial Art can help you realise your full potential, both within Martial Arts and life in general. Whether you are looking to improve your flexibility, learn Self Defence skills or just make some new friends, KickBoxing can help you achieve those aspirations. As you progress as a student, you will discover that the skills learned in the lessons will bleed through into your general life. They not only help to improve your fitness but also your social, mental and emotional well being. This can eventually lead to a calmer more focused attitude and outlook on life.


Matrix Martial Arts affiliation with P.U.M.A

Matrix Martial Arts (MMA) is affiliated to one of the largest and most forward thinking Marital Arts associations in the UK and Europe, which is the Professional Unification of Martial Arts (P.U.M.A) For more information please go to


Competitions and events

For students who enjoy the competitive side of Martial Arts, P.U.M.A. holds several competitions throughout the calender year in which you, as a registered student, can partake. Besides your normal weekly lessons, there are also extra training sessions available headed by the coaches of the P.U.M.A. squad who themselves regularly compete around the world.

P.U.M.A also organises several "extra-curricular" activities throughout the year such as social gatherings, camps, and friendly tournaments. If you're looking for a way to meet great new people and enjoy some real quality time while getting fit, then this is the place to come!


Gradings and belt system

The P.U.M.A KickBoxing syllabus uses a structured belt and grading system ensuring you get a great learning experience. There are regular gradings before an external examiner who will determine whether students have reached the required abilty to gain their next belt.

The syllabus involves an element of sparring, which is strictly controlled and fully supervised.  Sparring is used as a tool to demonstrate all the techniques learnt in the lessons and the practical application of the movement, drills and positioning worked on in class. 






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